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Get Invited Support Visa and Visit Russia

Russian Visa

With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry and with headquarters in Tallin (Estonia) and office in Moscow, our company and it’s qualified staff will take care of your travel needs.
We provide full travel services for your russian business trips and personal holidays like:
• tourist visa invitation letter
• business visa invitation letter
• travel insurance

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To travel and visit Russian Federation, travellers need to obtain the RUSSIA VISA for the period of stay. The documentation required is listed from your local Russian Embassy.

• valid passport
• visa support letter (invitation or voucher)
• 2 photo 3×4 cm
• medical travel insurance (depending on the nationality)

Voucher Tourist Support Visa

invitation to russia for visa

A tourist invitation for Russian Tourist Visa is the easiest and cheapest type of Russian visa to get. It is a single or double entry* visa invitation valid for the specified duration of your stay in Russia, up to 30 days. Visa support documents for Tourist Visas (Tourist Confirmation and Tourist Voucher) are accepted by most Russian Consular Departments as faxed or scanned copies.

* You can only obtain double entry visas if you cross one of the borders connected with the Russian Federation

We issue airbnb russian visa invitation

The support /invitation letter / Voucher are issued by our company in Moscow OOO “EUROALIANS”
Is an officially registered tour operator in Russia a licenced tour operator, which is included in the Federal Registry of Tour Operators of Russia, and is assigned a valid MBT Number (EUROALIANS РТО №020541 ). You can check the registration: click here

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We offer Voucher Support Letter plus Insurance packages

One of the requirements for obtaining a visa to Russia is the presence of a valid Russian medical insurance policy medical health insurance Russia.

Policy coverage: € 30.000 as requested from russian consulates.The Russian insurance policy must be valid on the territory of the Russian Federation and cover the validity of the visa.

russia insurance

Tourist Targhet Visa Support

Russia Support Visa

An entry for short-term business negotiations, participation in exhibitions, auctions, as well as for medical consults and tests is also permitted. In this case “target tourism” should be put in a field “purpose of travel” of the confirmation of acceptance of a foreign citizen, and a visa is issued for a number of days necessary for the planned events according to a time schedule indicated in a confirmation of residence (but no more than 30 days).


Invitation Bussiness or Commercial Letter

If you are traveling for business purpose, you will need to apply for a Business Visa, normally is used for commercial and business reasons


Now you can order invitations for Russian business visa via FMS by e-mail. Information about the invitation will be sent to your e-mail and the Embassy of the specified date. To contact the Embassy you need to fill out the visa application form on the website of the Russian Embassy ( using information in your E-LETTER.

Available purpose of visit: Business, Commercial, Guest (private), Technical maintenance, Family member.

This type of support is especially required for citizenz of the UE*, United Kindom, Ireland, Canada and non-European countries. By the way citizens of all other listed countries ** can still apply for this service.


It is strictly forbidden to cross the border between Russia and Belarus and vice versa, by car or train.

Only and exclusively via the international airport of Minsk.