Business Russian Visa Support + Insurance Policy – TELEX

Business Russian Visa Support + Insurance Policy – TELEX

Recommend it for citizens of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and non-European or North American countries

PROCESSING TIME:12 Months Multy in 15/20 working Days* – 3 Months Double in 10/12Days*

Accreditation of Invitation directly to the Russian consulate via Telex

3 Months Double Entry € 128 – 12 Months Multi € 229

Are you a Business Traveller to Russia – fill in the form to buy your Business Visa Support ( invitation letter ) plus a Medical Insurance Policy (provided by Alfa Strakovanie and supported by GVA) +

If Russian consulate present in your country, require the original insurance policy an not electronic insurance police the shipment of the insurance policy to Europe countries is FREE OF CHARGE. Delivery is 3 working days.

The minimum of days required for the service is 8 days of insurance coverage

For all other country ( Usa, Australia, ….. )  minum days required is 7/10 days insurance coverage. Delivery in 7 day working days

To get more information or to book the shipment, write to

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**the release date is at the discretion of the Ministry of the Interior