Frequently Asked Questions

Visa is an authorization issued by the representative of the Government of a country permitting a person, not resident in that country, to enter its boundaries.
A visa to Russia is a document allowing a foreign national to visit Russia (and stay in the country) for a specific period. Most visas are meant for single entry (one entry – one exit), while some types of visas (e.g. Business visas) may allow multiple entries/exits within the specific period of time.

The Embassy of Russian Federation and its Consulates are representatives of the Russian Federation, who issue visas for all country.

This document is required by the Consulate to submit a tourist visa.

Tourist invitation letter consists of 2 parts: tourist voucher and confirmation. Please note that visa support letters do not substitute the Russian visa, which must be obtained from the respective Russian Consulate. The visa support documents do not guarantee that the Russian Consulate will issue the necessary entry visa as certain restrictions may apply. Please check with your nearest Russian Consulate.

Russian Support Visa provides tourist and business invitations (visa support)

After the successful payment your invitation in 24 will be issued and sent to your e-mail. You will need just print it out and apply for a visa.

If you do not receive an email from us within 24 hours, please check your Spam/Junk folder before contacting us.

Yes. We can prepare this document. The cost is 15 euro plus support. If you already have some program you can send it to our e-mail address

Unfortunately no. Payment for visa service is not refundable.

The Russian Support Visa are non-refundable if your visa application is not successful.

Yes, You have the possibility to change the dates of your support once within 48 hours of release. After this period you have to pay 25 Euro for the date change. You cannot  change dates for the TELEX type of VISA SUPPORT

No. Russian visas are only issued at Russian Consulates and Embassies (or, in some cases, at designated agencies sub-contracted by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Moreover, depending on your nationality, you may not be able to apply for a Russian visa at all consular departments. As a rule of thumb, Russian consular departments will only issue visas to nationals who can prove that they are entitled to live in the country where they are applying for at least six months. Before ordering visa support documents, you should always check where you are going to make your visa application.

Almost all foreign citizens regardless of age are required to have Russian Visa to enter to Russian Federation.

It depends on your nationality. It is a must to have medical insurance coverage valid in Russia for citizens of the following countries: Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Israel, Iceland, Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Portugal and Spain. If you are US passport holder or othe country, buying travel insurance is optional.

Citizens can directly buy travel insurance online ALFA INSURANCE accepted in Russian Consulate. www.russiatravelinsurance.com

Upon arriving in Russia, all foreigners are required to complete a migration card, which is used by Russian authorities to track the movements of the foreigners in Russian Federation. Migration card must be completed before foreigners are allowed to enter immigration at the point of entry. The migration card has two parts that have to be filled identically. One part of this card will be taken by the immigration officer at immigration, another one will be stamped and handed back to traveler. This part of the migration card must be kept with the traveler’s passport and is often required to be returned upon the traveler’s departure from Russian Federation.

Generally, Russian tourist visas cannot be extended. Russian visa might be prolonged in case of illness, accident, etc.

Generally, the type of visa that you may use mostly depends on the duration of your visit. However, a tourist or business visa cannot be used if:
• you are visiting Russia in order to adopt a child (a specific adoption visa will be required)
• you want to send a child to Russia with his/her Russian mother (a homestay visa will be required)
• you want to stay in Russia more than 90 days (a student or work visa will be required)
In these cases invitations must be processed by the persons or entities you really plan to visit.

Our Company can only send TELEX VISA SUPPORT directly to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia offices that will provide to communicate with Consulates and Embassies. consulate by an applicant or an agent on behalf of an applicant. An invitation issuer is not supposed to send the invitation to the consulate and the documents sent to the consulate may be disregarded unless the consulate has specifically required that the invitation is sent to them directly.

The Customer must provide standard documentation direclty with local Russian Authority. The regular practice is that all the paperwork required for the visa processing is submitted to the

We do not provide this service.

Federal Migration Service should be notified about your arrival within 7 working days upon arrival.
As usual if you are staying at some hotel, this hotel should take care of your registration upon arrival.

If you are staying at some private apartment you need to make registration through some agency which provides this service or at the nearest Post office.

Tourist visas are valid for up to one month and business visas are valid for the period of 1 to 12 months. EU, Japan and USA citizens can receive business visa for 3-5 years. A tourist visa invitation can be issued in one days while for business visa it takes 1-25 business days to prepare depending on the type You choose. See Russian Visa Types to find the most appropriate visa for You