Terms & Conditions


-All support Visa once issued are non-refundable

-You have the possibility to change the dates of your support once within 48 hours of release. After this period you have to pay 15 Euro for the date change. You cannot change dates for the TELEX type of VISA SUPPORT

-You can not change the names for all type support visa ( tourism and Businness )

-The Russian Support Visa are non-refundable if your visa application is not successful.

About Insurance:

-Insurance once issued are non-refundable
-You can change the dates of the insurance policy no later than 72 hour of activation date. In the limit of days covered at the time of the first purchase. If the days are less, the difference is not refundable
-You can extend the coverage dates of the insurance policy, need paying the difference
-You can add more names to the insurance policy within 24 hours of the start date of the insurance policy
-You can not change the names of policyholders in the policy
-The corrections of the names and date of birth. Than 72 hour of of activation date the insurance policy

About Insurance 1 year multi

Business visa can be single-, double- or multi-entry depending on the invitation. Single-entry and double-entry visas can be valid for the period of no longer than 90 days. A one year multi-entry business visa enables a foreign citizen to enter the Russian Federation multiple times within the indicated timeframe. It doesn’t mean that the visa holder is allowed to remain in the Russian Federation for a year. According to the Russian Migration Law, a multi-entry visa holder is allowed to stay in Russia up to 90 days within every 180 days.

Insurance is valid for a period of 365 days, with medical coverage of 180 days as required by the law of the Russian Federation on immigration.

If you need insurance medical coverage of 365 days please contact us!

Shipping of the insurance policy

We are not responsible for post mail shipments, delays or non-delivery.
Minimum requirements for free shipping
8 days for each insured for customers who want to ship within Europe (EU and No Eu)
For the first shipment: it’s a totally free service
The second shipment is to be paid by the recipient.

For all other country ( Usa, Australia, Hong Kong, China… )  minum days required is 10 days insurance coverage for each person.
For the first shipment:
it’s a totally free service
The second shipment is to be paid by the recipient.