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Required to obtain visa for entry in the Russian Federation.

Visa for short stays, up to a maximum of 30 days.
To request a support letter for tourism, please fill in the online form, choose one from the listed services.
The document is shipped by mail in 24h (please check your spam box – sometimes can happen that your inbox will filter it) – We can also provide original documentation by sending them to you adding shipping expences.

Before you apply to request a Russian Visa Support Authorization (or Voucher & Autorization, Invitation Letter) That you will use to request the RUSSIAN VISA, we suggest you to read carefully the Visa Support Info page and the FAQ page

Visa Support Letter Russia

Click on the type of Russian Support Visa you are interested

tourist confirmation letter russia

If you present the documentation in France

You are going to Russia for a stay exceeding 13 days, you need a tourist voucher and invitation along with a detailed program. It is a program of visits that is obligatory in addition to the voucher/invitation letter, in order to submit your application file for visa to Russia. This program of visit is carried out by our service in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation.


The visa with the purpose of visit “target tourism” is issued if you enter Russia having arranged for settling commercial questions with your Russian partners (participation in auctions, exhibitions, negotiations)

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