Visa Support

Visa Support (Invitation Letter)

what is it and how to apply for it

The Visa Support (also known as invitation letter, voucher, tourist confirmation) is a document that allows you to request and obtain the Visa to enter in Russian Federation. It “cannot” be used in place of the Visa itself, must be presented to the local Embassy or to your local Visa Agency with the other documentation required. It can be issued for tourism or business needs.

Our Company can provide you the voucher, with direct mail shipping system, after you have completed the online form and the payment process. Generally our system generate the visa support immediatly. Depending on connection and way of payment, you will recieve the confirmation email containing the Suppor Letter directly in your inbox ( IMPORTANT – CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX – sometimes its possible that can be filtered by your provider – in any case you can contact us and we will provide assistance). We can also send the original document ( it will have a little extra cost for shipping)

Type of Visa Support Letter:

Our Visa Support Letter can be of two types: Tourist Visa Support and Business Visa Support

– Tourist Visa Support – valid up to a maximum of 30 days – single or double entry

– Business Visa Support – up to a maximum of 365 days

3 months single or double entry ( some embassy accept multiple entry)
6 months multiple entry
12 months multiple entry
3-6-12 months plus insurance

– Official Business Visa Support by FMS – up to a maximum of 365 days

1 month double entry
3 months double entry
6 months multiple entry
12 months multiple entry
1-3-6-12 months plus insurance

Business Russian Visa for 3, 6 or 12 months – to obtain the VISA you must present a Business Support Visa (INVITATION) to your local Russian Consulate, our company can help you prepare this documentation, simply filling in the form for each type of service you need, visit this page to select the services. In some cases, depending on the Consulate, if you apply for a 6 or 12 months Visa, they will decline your request if you do not present a previous 3 months visa, in this case you can buy a TELEX VISA SUPPORT, that can let you recieve, directly into you local Russian Consulate offices, the authorization to get the VISA – this may take 21 working days from when we present the documentations in MFA Russia.

IMPORTANT: Some Russian Consulate will accept the copy of the Russian Support Visa, some other require the original document, in this case our Company, will ship you the original invitation of Russian Support Visa, standard worldwide shipping cost apply, please contact us for more informations.


Simply divided in two types:

  • 3 Months Double Entry

  • 12 Months Multi

Telex: is a communications system consisting of teletypewriters connected to a telephonic network to send and receive messages. Your data will be telexed directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Russian consulate you are going to obtain your visa in.

When the process is done you will get the telex number and name of your inviting company from us by email and with this information you submit your documents to the consulate.

Telex highly increases your chances of obtaining a long term Russian visa. The procedure of telex is more convenient as you do not need to pay for the postage services and get the original of the invitation.

Standard Documentation to complete online

the Visa Application Form

visit the official site of Russian Foreign Ministry:

– Consular department of the Russian Foreign Ministry visa application form

The online documentation and application forms from the Russian Ministry are free of charge – if you wish we can fill-in the form for you (€ 10 for each applicant)


  • valid passport

  • visa support letter (invitation or voucher)

  • 2 photo 3×4 cm

  • medical travel insurance (depending on the nationality)

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